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300 01Not long ago I posted something on a 25 Club I belong to. There’s 12 of us in the group and we meet once a month. Each time we get together we bring $25 to put in a jar. Before the evening ends, someone’s name is drawn and the winner goes home with $300 that she must (must!) spend on herself (no kids clothes, bill payments, presents for friends, etc.) before the next meeting.

At our May meeting, my name was drawn.

I had plans for what I would spend my winnings on, long before they were mine. A spa day, a local theatre subscription and camera equipment were just some ideas. And I’m going to admit that daydreaming about what I’d do with this little windfall was just about as much fun as getting out there and spending it.

Anyway, in that aforementioned post I promised to tell you what I did with the money, and in case any of you have had trouble sleeping at night wondering what I bought, I’m going to break it down for you.

The bag, pictured above, is actually a diaper bag, by Petunia Pickle Bottom. It’s so stylish and carpet bag looking you’d never guess, but it came with a matching diaper pad and container for wipes, as well as a re-useable shopping bag to carry along, and a change purse made from the same fabric. Weighing in at around $150, I would never have justified buying it on my own, but I had determined I would spend the money on a indulgence I’d probably never otherwise buy for myself.

300 03300 02

Next on the shopping list was a necklace by Lisa Leonard that I’d been eyeing for months. On one side it has mine and my husband’s names stamped into the silver dew drop, and on the other side it has the names of my children. I’d seen her link on countless blogs I check, and each time I saw it, it reinforced my longing for one of her charming necklaces. There are a couple more I have been coveting, but they’ll have to wait until the next time I win.

With the rest of the money, I splurged on books. While books may not seem like a big splurge, it wonderfully freeing to buy them. You see, I swore off buying books a while back, since I have this bad habit (which started after my son was born) of buying books and not finding time to read them. I wrote about it here.

But I’d heard rumours from different sources that these books were must-haves, so I just snuck them in with the remaining cash. I bought four: A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, The Piano Repair Shop on the Left Bank by T.E. Carhart (still waiting for that one to arrive) and The Pursuit of God, by A.W. Tozer. And since they were ordered off, they weren’t wildly expensive. I plan to crack the spines of the first one after I finish reading The Last Song.

So those were my picks. For this time. Now I’m already plotting what I might do with next year’s winnings. $300 just doesn’t seem to go very far these days! How about you? What would you buy?

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Top of my list would be a new bathing suit – from a real bathing suit store 🙂 Not sure after that … Can’t wait to see you with your new diaper bag full of books wearing your lovely charm necklace!

  2. Interesting! I was wondering what you were going to splurge on. 🙂 Great choices, the neckland is really sweet. Myself, I would have to include a pretty crystal, a new cute purse and maybe matching wallet and also most likely a couple of books too!

  3. Ah Bird by Bird…one of my faves! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  4. I guess you’ll find out what I’d splurge on when I win. Hopefully next month so there’s plenty if time left in summer for kayaking. Well now you know. If I don’t win until fall, I’ll be as surprised as anyone with what I end up with.

  5. I had to swear myself off buying books for the same reason. But for my birthday every year my parents give me a decent sized wad of cash for books. It’s not so much about the books themselves, it’s about sitting on amazon for hours picking out the books, or wandering around Pandosy Books finding treasures and that feeling I get when I do find a treasure or when I go to the mailbox to pick up my amazon package.
    When we moved here I had to put a few boxes of books into storage. Last week I went to the storage bin and opened some book boxes and it felt just like my birthday opening them to see the treasures inside.

  6. hello young friends,,, i love the diaper bag– it surely will be useful long after the diaper days—i am a grandmother so if i had the $300 i would be tempted to spend it on the little ones–things they need of course,, HOWEVER books and towels,,i just can’t seem to treat myself to bath towels,,, just a few of those big fluffy ones — i must mention here that i just read BEATRICE AND VIRGIL by yann martel, our saskatoon writer— deeply everything,, i was a bit blown away by it and need to talk about it… i loved LIFE OF PI and yann has amazed me again… cheers everyone,, ps i shall hunt down BIRD BY BIRD–thanks susan

  7. Aha! So that’s where that gorgeous bag came from! I had no idea it’s a diaper bag- it makes a fabulous purse.

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