Book Exchange Part II: The Last Song

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-Editor’s note: The Pear Tree is pleased to welcome Avery Philip as a guest columnist today. Avery is participating in a summer book exchange with her aunt, Pear Tree editor Lori-Anne Poirier, and is writing to introduce the book she chose. At the end of the summer, we will post our reviews of the books exchanged. We’d love for you to pick up a copy and read along!

When I first heard about the movie The Last Song, I was interested in it because Miley Cyrus was going to have the lead role. I didn’t hear about the book at that point. I watched the preview for the film and it captured my interest even further.

Days before the movie finally came out in theatres, I got the book, by author Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook), for my 16th birthday from a dear friend of mine. I honestly didn’t think it would be as good as the movie, but I started reading it and the deeper I got into it the harder it was for me to put down. After every chapter I read, I watched the movie preview again and became more disappointed with how different it seemed to be from the book.

The Last Song 02After finishing the book, I went to see the movie with my friend Kristy, who also read and enjoyed the book. At the beginning of the movie, both Kristy and I were surprised to see how accurate it actually was. Ten to 15 minutes into the movie however, it started moving way to fast and skipping a lot of the detail that made the story so intriguing to me. The bottom line is, as is usually the case, if you are interested in watching the movie, I would suggest reading the book first because you will get a lot more out of the story if you do.

The Last Song is about an 18-year-old girl named Ronnie and her little brother Jonah, who have to stay with their dad for the summer. While Jonah couldn’t be more exited about it, Ronnie decides to be as miserable as she can be for her dad because she felt like he betrayed her and her family. I won’t give any details away, but I think it’s a good read because it is realistic and the characters are easy to relate to.

I chose this book to exchange with my Auntie Lori-Anne because she’s the one who told me about the movie before it came out, and I thought it might be something we could share – and I just thought it would be a book she would like.

-Words by Avery Philip

– Images taken from the book jacket

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  1. Books before movies, that’s my credo. I’ve also seen the movie, and I agree, it misses a lot of detail. I had to re-read the book in one sitting to figure out what was missing (I have the autographed copy) because, as an author, I think movies (most of the time) don’t hold up to the books.

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