A Summer’s Day

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Here in the Okanagan we claim to celebrate four seasons, but in truth it’s more like two – winter and summer. The weather usually stays so mild through the autumn months that if the leaves didn’t change colour you might not know that summer is passed. And no sooner does the snow melt and we’re back to wearing shorts.

This year, however, summer-like conditions have been a little bit slower arriving, with the brisk morning air hanging around through much of the day – despite the best attempts of the wind to blow it away. But rather than enjoying a more springy spring, I’ve been craving the warmth of summer.

Today, while sitting out on my back patio under a friendly blue sky (and an almost harsh May sun), I compiled a list of some of the things I anticipate most with the arrival of summer. In no particular order:

· Flowers – a mix of pansies and morning glories – peeking between the bars of our front balcony
· Iced Vanilla Lattes
· Bike rides down the Greenway
· Wednesday mornings spent trawling the Farmers’ Market for fresh fruit, veggies and bubble tea
· Walks in the park, watching a potpourri of people – young, old, fat, skinny, red, yellow, black, white – parade by, exchanging smiles and hellos
· Crawling through the grass with my kidlets looking for treasures such as acorns, pinecones and those helicopter seedpods
· Parks Alive! live music programs in the park
· Cool, breezy skirts
· Bocce
· A summer road trip to … well, … watch this space.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

– Story and photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. I am thankful for the endless possibility of summer days, and happy children, and yes Iced Vanilla Lattes….. yum

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