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Walk through the downtown of most European cities and villages, and the scenes in store windows will make it difficult to resist ducking into shop after shop. Whether they’ve created a look that is quaint or avant garde, those shop owners – or the window dressers they hire – know how to set the stage.

Here in the Okanagan, there seems to be a tendency for shop owners to paint or stencil their window glass, or ignore it altogether. We’ve even seen some shops paper over their windows, presumably to avoid the inconvenience of making them attractive at all.

But there are a few around that appear to take as much pride in their window dressing as the products they sell or the service they give. And because we, at The Pear Tree, appreciate – and are easily lured – by such efforts, we wanted to show some of our favourites we’ve seen. We hope that, if they get enough attention for it, maybe others will follow suit.

Belle Maison
590 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna

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Shabby chic meets decadence as refinished desks and chairs are matched with crystal heavy chandeliers and a full, feather wreath. The desk looks inviting enough to sit down and write at.

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Even the store hours are attractively presented in a white frame.

L’Amoré Bridal and Formals
1607 Pandosy Street, Kelowna

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Formal wear is presented in a setting that hints of lavishness, with classical columns and a tapestry settee among other adornments.

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Blue Ginger Trading Co.
2903 Pandosy Street, Kelowna

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Groupings of home accessories help us envision what they might look like in our own homes.

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Cranberry Junction
2995 Pandosy Street

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It’s like a glimpse into someone’s private dressing room.

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The Tickle Trunk and TTM Events
106-1835 Dilworth Drive, Kelowna

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You know, even before you enter the shop, that you will find a mix of fun, elegance and the fantastical – at least if the store front is telling the truth.

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Do you have a favourite Okanagan store front? One that consistently delivers a wonderful, stylized look? Let us know – we’d love to feature it down the road, the next time we do this. We’re especially looking for ideas outside of Kelowna.

– Story and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Olive & Elle draws me in every time. Likewise Cranberry Junction, but you’ve already been there 🙂

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